Event risk management planning

Event risk management planning

The Safety and Risk Analysis Hub (SARAH) reporting tool helps event organisers ensure hazards are identified, and suitable controls have been implemented as practically as possible.

How to enter an event risk management plan (ERMP)

ERMPs can be entered via:

- Following this link to SARAH. This link is also available in the my.monash portal.

When should I use the ERMP tool?

ERMPs should be used for any events including small local events, large or major events such as Orientation Week, or even when actively supporting other organisation's events.

The ERMP tool provides event managers with a way of capturing event details such as locations, participants and relevant personnel details. Event managers can link together a number of risk assessments and can access a variety of template risk assessments for commonly occurring activities including:

  • Provision of food and drink
  • Managing emergencies and first aid
  • Setting up pavilions and temporary structures
  • Working outdoors
  • Participating in sporting and recreational activities
  • International travel
  • Operating vehicles
  • Engaging in third-party services


The OHS risk management procedure defines the requirements for OHS risk management planning at Monash University.