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We’re among the top one per cent of business schools in the world. Think of us as your launch pad to a thriving business career.

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  • Accounting: Creating your own global future

    A degree in accounting opens a world of opportunities. Learn more about your study and career options and hear from academics and current students.

  • Banking and finance: An investment that pays interest

    Interested in finance, managing money, banking or investing? Explore the skills you’ll develop in a banking and finance degree with a feature on exciting career opportunities.

  • Business for a new era

    Learn more about our wide range of courses and how to curate your degree to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Business law and taxation: know your legal risks in business

    Learn more about your study options and how you can help resolve the legal risks and taxation challenges facing businesses today.

  • Data analytics: Unlock meaning in a world full of data

    Business graduates who know how to use data visualisation, statistics and econometric techniques are in demand. Learn how you can harness the power of data.

  • Economics: Discover the science of decision making

    Economics helps you develop quantitative skills and analyse current economic policies. Hear how economics prepares you for a great career across various industries.

  • International business: your passport to a career in the global economy

    In any job, you can’t avoid the international aspects of work. Find out how international business gives you the skills for a 21st-century career.

  • Marketing: Course options and career opportunities

    A marketing degree can lead to many exciting careers. Explore your study and internship options, as well as career opportunities in industry, government and not-for-profit sectors.

  • Study management to launch your career with confidence

    Learn more about the opportunities and benefits of studying management or human resource management.