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From the moment you decide to study at Monash to when you graduate, we’re here to help you navigate uni life.

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  • Making ideas stick: Tips for successful exam revision

    Hear from one of our learning skills advisers on techniques you can use to improve your memory for exams.

  • Double your opportunities with a double degree

    Double degrees allow you to study two courses simultaneously and increase your graduate opportunities.

  • Make change with Monash

    We know that choosing a university is a big decision. Hear about our undergraduate courses, key dates, scholarships, accommodation options and more.

  • Welcome to Mannix College

    Hear from the principal, and one of our residents, about why they love Mannix!

  • What your teachers didn’t tell you: How learning is different at uni

    Get a taste of what studying at uni is like, from managing your time to thinking for yourself and going beyond Google for the answers.

  • Writing for uni v writing for year 12

    Learn how to find your voice when writing and how our learning skills advisers can support you with the transition from high school to uni.