Liftango Information

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Liftango user guide.

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What is Liftango?

Liftango is a carpooling app which is exclusively used within trusted corporate networks. The Liftango app aims to match riders with drivers in the same network to make ridesharing easy and provide you rewards for sharing. The app supports you throughout the entire pick up and drop off process and has the flexibility to choose your rides on the days and times best suited to you.

How do I register and download the app?

Go to your relevant app store, download the app and sign up using your university email address. Create your profile and load up your ride requirements – it is that simple.

When do I have to register for Liftango?

Staff and students will be able to register to use Liftango from Monday 22 July 2019. There is no need to book before this date to use the program.

How much does using the Liftango app cost?

The Liftango app is free to download and until 23 February 2020, parking with this app is free of charge.

Who can use this system?

Only Monash University staff and students with a valid Monash email can use this system.If you do not enter a Monash email address then you will not be able to match with other staff and students.

I live with the person I'll be carpooling with. Does this affect me in anyway?

As long as you both use the Liftango app, and register your ride each day, you will be eligible to carpool free of charge during the Liftango trial provided you are in the car together at least 2 kms outside the campus radius.

I already carpool regularly with someone and I want to continue to carpool with them. Can I do this using Liftango?

Yes you can. You can set up the ride in Liftango and travel together. You will need to register your ride each day.

What is the campus radius?

The campus radius is 2 kms around each of the campuses. You must pick up your passenger and start your Liftango carpool trip together outside this radius for it to be a valid trip.

How do I use the Liftango app as a driver?

  1. Download the Liftango and PayByPhone apps from the Google Play store or Apple App store.
  2. Sign into the Liftango app using your Monash email address and create a profile.
  3. Sign into the PayByPhone app and create an account using your vehicle registration in the app.
  4. Once you’ve signed into Liftango, the app will show you who is offering a ride, and who is looking for a ride.
  5. Accept the match provided by the app (both the driver and the passenger have the ability to accept matches).
  6. The in-built navigation function will use Google Maps to guide the driver to the pickup location.
  7. Drive at least from  2 kms radius from the pickup point with your passenger to the campus. There is a 2km radius zone around the campus.
  8. Park in any Blue permit area.
  9. Using the PayByPhone app, enter your vehicle registration. The Liftango app will pass on your vehicle details to PayByPhone automatically and your day’s parking will be free of charge.

What code do I use in Paybyphone?

Each campus has a different code in Paybyphone if you are using Liftango.

  • Clayton use 15530
  • Caulfield use 15532
  • Peninsula use 15531

These codes will not work unless you have completed a valid Liftango trip.

How do I use the Liftango app as a passenger?

  1. Download the Liftango app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.
  2. Sign into the Liftango app using your Monash email address and create a profile.
  3. The app will show you who is offering a ride, and who is looking for a ride.
  4. Accept the match provided by the app (both the driver and the passenger have the ability to accept matches).
  5. Travel at leastfrom a 2 kms radius to the campus with your driver and park on campus.

What happens once I register and set up my profile?

You are ready to carpool. The app will let you know the best fit for your unique trip needs. Both the rider and driver have the opportunity to accept the match. Once the match is accepted, the app will let the driver know where to pick you up and as the driver approaches, the app will let you know they are almost there.

What happens when I find a match?

The Liftango app doesn’t stop at just matching drivers and riders, the app will support you through the pickup and drop-off process as well. For drivers, it will provide directions, what time to leave and arrive at their rider’s nominated pick up point. For riders, the app will let them know that their driver is on their way. You will be able to see your driver's location live one hour before the trip.

Do I have to use Liftango every day?

The app makes it easy to be flexible - if you want to carpool only on certain days, just load up those trips into the app!

When I’ve paid via the PayByPhone app, will I be able to move my car on the same day?

When a journey has been completed, parking is validated for the day on that campus. This means that you are able to move your car to other blue permit space on the same campus. For semester 2 2019 Liftango will be free to use and park but you still need to validate your parking in PayByPhone.

Should you park at another campus and use Liftango, your parking will also be free.

Can I carpool one-way?

Yes. Whatever works best for you and your needs. The discount rate o(r free parking during the trial) does require you to travel to the campus with a carpool buddy.

Can I travel with more than one passenger?

The Liftango app makes it easy to input the number of riders. Simply set the number of riders when you create the trip.

Is my vehicle insurance affected by carpooling?

Using the Liftango app is no different to driving a friend or a colleague to work, dinner, or anywhere else you might go in the normal use of your car.

As a rider, what happens if I get stuck without a ride home?

It’s always best to arrange your ride home in advance and make sure you have a plan B. If your carpool home is cancelled and you are left without a ride home, plan another carpool ride using the Liftango app, or use one of the many public transport routes available on campus.

How is the privacy of the drivers and riders protected?

Your privacy is important and we’ve made every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information to allow matches. When you create your profile, your email address, car registration, and car make and car model are saved. This is to identify that you are part of the trusted network.

Is using Liftango safe?

Yes. Safety is our top priority, which is why the Liftango app is exclusively for use only by people in the Monash network. When you view a potential driver on the app, their profile picture, phone number and email address are displayed, along with their car registration, make and model. When you view a potential rider, their profile picture, phone number and email address are displayed.

Why do I use my Monash login details?

By validating your account with Monash University we make sure the Liftango app is exclusively available for staff and students.

What personal details are required to use Liftango?

We all know that things come up – traffic jams, car breakdowns, last-minute wardrobe failures! So when this happens, the driver and rider need a way of communicating instantly to make new plans. This is why the Liftango profile includes two key bits of personal info: your email address and your phone number. These details are shared only with your match.

What happens if I need to cancel my Liftango ride?

You can easily cancel a trip request at any time before you are matched. Once matched, if you need to cancel your trip, be respectful and do so as early as possible through the app. If you need to adjust plans slightly, we encourage you to reach out to your match to see if they might be able to accommodate you. If you cancel a trip after you are matched, you will not be able to reschedule. Frequent cancellations may mean that you lessen your chances of getting a ride.

Where can I park?

People who use Liftango to rideshare can park in any Blue permit space. If you do not wish to use Liftango on a particular day, you can park in a carpool bay as long as a carpool permit is displayed.