Penalty amounts

Monash parking penalty amounts

Fine values are set by the State Government and increase annually. Monash University cannot change or reduce these penalty amounts. The fine value will vary depending on the offence committed.

For the 2020 financial year fines will range from $83 to $165.

Penalty TypeAmount
Stopped contrary to a no parking sign$83.00
Parked for period longer than indicated$83.00
Failure to pay fee and obey instructions on signs$83.00
Stopped on a motor bike parking area$83.00
Parked contrary to requirement of parking area$83.00
Stopped in a loading zone$165.00
Stopped in a loading zone longer than period indicated (30 minutes)$165.00
Stopped in a bus zone$99.00
Stopped in a permit zone$99.00
Obstructing other vehicles$99.00
Obstructing pedestrians$99.00
Parked next to a yellow line$99.00
Stopped in a no stopping area$165.00
Stopped in a disabled parking bay$165.00