Permit refunds, replacements and resale

Monash Connect can arrange a refund on annual permits, if you apply in time, and replace a lost permit, but you can't resell a permit if you no longer need it, as explained below.


If you pay for a yearly permit in full, including through salary sacrifice, we will refund half the cost if you return it by at the mid-year date, which we set each year.

You'll find the current refund deadline date at

To get a refund, return your permit to Monash Connect on your home campus, but don't forget to bring photo ID to confirm your purchase.


If your parking permit is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, Monash Connect on your home campus can arrange a replacement.

You might have to pay a replacement fee, unless you can:

  • outline how your permit was stolen in a statutory declaration or police report
  • explain how your permit went missing in the mail in a statutory declaration
  • explain how your permit was destroyed in a statutory declaration or police report
  • return a damaged permit or what's left of it.

For all other lost permits you must supply a statutory declaration and pay a replacement fee of $41.

Don't forget to provide Monash Connect with photo ID when applying for a replacement.


We don't allow you to resell a permit, which means we won't honour a permit advertised and sold through a forum or elsewhere.

If you no longer require a permit, return it to Monash Connect and apply for a refund. We'll then make it available to the next person on our waiting list.