Closure of OC2 car park

5 December 2018

The OC2 car park located on the corner of Howleys Rd and Normanby Rd will close permanently on Tuesday 18 December 2018.

All vehicles and property need to be removed by 6.30pm on Tuesday 18 December.

Why is the car park closing?

The car park is closing as the university’s lease of the property ends in December 2018. The university will not occupy the site in 2019.

The car park closes on Tuesday 18 December to allow time for final cleaning and hand over prior to the end of year closedown period.

Where can I park instead?

Daily ticket parking is available on campus in both north and south areas. Refer to the Clayton campus map for location details.

Discounted daily ticket parking is available at the OC1 car park, located at the corner of Wellington Rd and Blackburn Rd.