Parking during semester two exams

November 2020

Students may park in any Blue permit zone for free during the semester two exam period by registering for a free session through the CellOPark app.

How do I use the app?

Please follow the instructions on the Pay As You Use (PAYU) parking page

Where can I find a Blue permit zone?

Please refer to our campus maps to locate Blue permit zones at ClaytonCaulfield and Peninsula.

Some car parks contain multiple permit zones, so please check the signage when you park to ensure you are in the correct area.

Can I still park for free if I forget my phone?

Yes – if you forget your phone, you can start your parking session on CellOPark via on your computer, or by calling (03) 9111 1799.

Do I need to register on CellOPark if I use a disability parking permit?

No, you do not need to start a CellOPark session to park on campus. Please ensure that your disability parking permit is clearly visible when you park.