MLIVE and Monash University Performing Arts Centres proudly announce Ciaran Frame and Natasha Anderson as recipients of the David Li Sound Gallery Commission music grant.


Update: Live Music Grant Recipients Announced

The Urban Forest – Ciaran Frame

Ciaran Frame is a Melbourne-based composer and educator. With an honours degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ciaran is passionate about cross-disciplinary collaboration and education, working at the intersection of data, technology, and music. His work has been featured and premiered in Australia and internationally. Recent projects include a regional pilot program of synthesiser workshops for young children, and making music out of lichen in the Arctic Circle.

The Urban Forest is an installation and performative work. It situates the audience in a multi-sensory, experiential world. Using data on every living tree in Melbourne’s CBD, it celebrates and brings to the fore the diversity of tree species. The work aims to shift existing perspectives of Melbourne’s representation of life by creating new and meaningful interpretations of the nature surrounding our city.

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Animorph – Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson is an Australian composer, musician and installation artist. She makes instrumental, audiovisual and acousmatic works in a variety of forms; from solo performance and notated scores, to installation and multichannel diffusion. Her primary interest lies in creating idiosyncratic, preternatural electronic sounds from acoustic sources, and exploring these sounds’ relationship to their live physical source.

Improvising with and between, the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ in sound, space and figuration, Animorph is a work conceived as an experiment in shape-shifting across dimensions. It will use a form of ‘meta-instrument’ — a Paetzold contrabass recorder integrated with laptop software via a tailored sensor environment. This sensor system, mounted onto the surfaces and under the keys of the instrument, means all electronics — both sonic and spatio-acoustic — will be organically controlled in real-time by gestural energy.

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