Behind the scenes

Eric Whitacre on composing work honouring the sacredness of life and death

Known for his celestial and tender compositions contemplating everything from the human condition to the natural world, Los Angeles-based choral and orchestral composer Eric Whitacre takes a metaphysical and humanistic approach to his work. We spoke to Whitacre about the development of The Sacred Veil, seeking solace in music and the Hubble Space Telescope’s Deep […]

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Dancer Jack Ziesing on using movement and gesture as a communication tool

Emanating poise and rigour, Jack Ziesing feels most comfortable using movement and gesture to communicate the matters close to his heart. A company dancer for Dancenorth, and a performer in Dust, Ziesing has toured nationally and internationally with companies including the Queensland Ballet, BeijingDance/LDTX and Singapore Dance Theatre, and was first drawn to dance as […]

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Childbirth as a catalyst for creation with Dancenorth’s Amber Haines

Along with physical changes such as a tide of surging hormones and an inextricable hunger for liquorice, soft cheese or pickles, pregnancy often prompts us to alter our priorities and to contemplate the future lives of our children. What kind of world will our children be born into? What systems and structures will shape and […]

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Contemplating our world through contemporary dance with Dancenorth’s Kyle Page

For Dubbo-raised director, choreographer and dancer Kyle Page, the decision to pursue dance as a career seemed more like an instinctual progression than a formal affair strategised in the classroom or at the family kitchen table. Led by a curious mind and his penchant for unknown situations, Page’s approach to artistic direction and choreography is […]

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Modern day renaissance man: Stephen Hough

Named by The Economist as as one of the world’s top 20 polymaths, British pianist Stephen Hough’s artistic practice is not bound by form. An accomplished pianist, composer, poet, painter and writer, his catalogue of over 50 albums have garnered him international awards and he is a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Times. Best known for […]

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