Monash University Performing Arts Centres COVIDSafe Plan

Monash University Performing Arts Centres are COVIDSafe venues.

We follow the health advice and guidelines of the Victorian Government and Monash University’s COVIDSafe Plan in order to provide the safest environment for our staff and visitors.

In order to achieve this, Monash University Performing Arts Centres have introduced a number of measures.

    What Monash University Performing Arts Centres are doing

    Seating arrangements and people movement plans

    Patrons will be seated in line with physical distancing requirements and density quotients at the time of the event.

    We are utilising multiple entry and exit points where possible.

    Enhanced daily cleaning regimes

    Monash has increased cleaning of all campuses and sites, and has incorporated continuous day time cleaning of all common high touch surface areas.

    The University’s HVAC systems have been adjusted to maximise the fresh air uptake to buildings and filter systems are regularly maintained to ensure effective filtration.

    Hand washing facilities and sanitiser provided

    The University cleaning team is ensuring adequate soap and paper towels/hand dryers are available in all bathrooms.

    Monash University has deployed readily available hand sanitiser stations across all its campuses and buildings.

    Contact tracing

    All visitors entering the venue are required to scan in using the Service Victoria App.

    Contactless payment

    Contactless payment will be preferred. Bring a credit or debit card for any on-site purchases.

    Staff training

    Our staff have undergone comprehensive training in COVIDSafe best practice and are here to help and advise you to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

    What you can do to help

    Stay home if you are unwell

    Please stay home if you have even the mildest cold or flu-like symptoms. are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or have returned from overseas travel in the past 14 days or visited an exposure site or a hotspot area.

    Rest assured you will be entitled to a full refund in these circumstances.


    Physically distance

    Please make sure you adhere to physical distancing requirements. Signs and floor markings have been installed in all areas to assist you.

    Wear a mask

    Please make sure you bring your own mask to wear in our venues. If you forget your mask we will have single use masks available.

    Practise good hand hygiene

    Make use of the facilities at regular intervals to ensure you are maintaining good hand hygiene.

    More information

    For up-to-date information relating to how Monash University is responding and continuing to operate during these current restrictions, please visit:

    For more information, you can visit: or call the Victoria Government Coronavirus Hotline on: 1800 675 398 (24 hours), choose option 0 for translating and interpreting services.

    Call 000 for emergencies only.

    How we are keeping our performers and crew COVIDSafe

    COVIDSafe Induction
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    All cast and crew complete a COVIDSafe Induction to ensure everyone understands COVIDSafe principles, expectations and procedures that are specific to our venues.

    Contact Tracing
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    All cast and crew register their details as per contact tracing requirements.

    Stay Home if Unwell
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    All cast and crew are to stay home if unwell.

    Space Capacity Limits
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    There are specific capacity limits in all of our work spaces, including the stage based on relevant density quotients, distancing requirements or set limits.

    Physical Distancing
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    Physical distancing is to be observed where possible in all of our work areas, including on stage. Where physical distance is not possible, other control measures are in place such as wearing masks, workforce bubbles and increased personal hygiene.

    Mask Wearing
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    When physical distance is not able to be maintained, masks are to be worn except where there is a lawful reason not to wear a mask such as where the nature of a person’s work means that clear enunciation or visibility of the mouth is essential, or the work cannot be safely undertaken while wearing a mask, or the person is engaged in strenuous activity.

    Movement Plans
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    Specific movement plans are in place in all areas of our venues to encourage one-way people movement where possible.

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    Additional signs have been installed throughout all work areas with COVIDSafe reminders such as capacity limits, hygiene and physical distancing.

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    All shared and public spaces are cleaned prior to each day the venue is in use. Specific protocols are in place for cleaning of equipment, props as well as high-touch work surfaces.

    Hand Sanitiser
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    Hand sanitiser stations are installed in high traffic and high touch areas.