Amal’s Journey
with Aseel Tayah

The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts


Amal’s Journey is presented through music and storytelling by author, actor and singer Aseel Tayah, as she tells the story of a brave and curious girl called Amal, which in Arabic means hope.

Amal embarks on a journey to understand where people come from, and to discover the mysterious “other home” that she hears her family talk about so often.

Along the way, Amal explores different cultures and her exciting adventures include making friends in refugee camps, dancing with newly-arrived neighbours, singing new songs she learns and cooking with grand-parents who long ago left their homes. She walks on their journeys, collecting their memories in her heart and asking questions to help children better understand how they can find their place in the world and to encourage migrant parents to talk about their own experiences.

Each year around the world thousands of parents migrate in the hope of securing a better future for their children. Many families do not have a choice and many leave behind a treasured way of life and generations of tradition. On arrival, faced with the enormous task of adapting into a new community, memories can fade and customs can be forgotten.

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    • Duration:45 minutes without interval

    • Venue:Alexander Theatre

    • Age suitability:Recommended age: 4-12 years

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    Alexander Theatre:
    The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts,
    48 Exhibition Walk, Clayton 3800

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About the author

Aseel Tayah

Aseel Tayah is an important voice in the Australian cultural landscape. As a Palestinian artist/activist, Aseel has been instrumental in using her cultural practice to shed light on the experiences of those living in war-torn countries and conditions. She is a fierce and compassionate advocate for humanity, and for humans to deal with each other with dignity, kindness and respect.

Aseel is a prolific art maker, drawing diverse participants into her orbit through the courage of her convictions and the power of her stories. Aseel is a highly capable project manager, overseeing culturally complex and sensitive processes with care, intellect and rigour. Since arriving in Melbourne, Aseel has been an unstoppable force in the cultural landscape.

She has created numerous new works such as Bukjeh and Lullabies Under the Stars, inviting communities into the experience of asylum seekers and refugees, through deeply personal and transformational multiart engagements.

She has built partnerships with key cultural organisations such as Arts Centre Melbourne, Polyglot, Arts House, Arts Front and Multicultural Arts Victoria (to name only a few). She is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of cultural rights, and the role of the arts in building social cohesion and harmony. Her work demonstrates a criticality that is much needed in a predominantly white arts sector, towards cultural equity.

Aseel shows an unparalleled commitment to her craft. She eats, sleeps and breathes community arts and cultural development practice as a life force, not only for her, but for the vulnerable communities she engages and supports.

Aseel has incredible stamina for transformation, is undaunted by barriers, and prolific in making the case for a more diverse arts sector.