• 24 May 2022

Kaivalya: Music as a Space for Collective Contemplation

The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts


Past Event

Join in the ensemble and invigorate your senses by sharing in the joy of music that will enhance your spirit and mindset.

Launch of an original commissioned piece of music to create a space of collective contemplation in a live setting. Kaivalya is a 12-minute composition that will be performed live by an ensemble of musicians, with free-flowing musical improvisation to follow. The event will include an introduction by the artist, Gidi Ifergan on the origins and process of the composition and recording, and how it relates to Indian philosophy and Tibetan Buddhist perspectives. Come and invigorate your senses and share in the joy of music to enhance your spirit mindset.

Kaivalya: The term Kaivalya (in Sanskrit, meaning solitude, aloofness or aloneness), refers to a state of liberation that the consciousness of an individual achieves by realizing that it is pure consciousness separate from matter. The melody of the composition is inspired by Soleá (most likely derived from ‘Soledad’ meaning solitude) one of the fundamental forms of Flamenco music, and Bhairavi, an Indian morning Raga (a melodic framework for improvisation) with a meditative underpinning. The music creates an atmosphere that is alternatively contemplative and meditative.

  • Dates & Times:
    • Tuesday 24 May 2022, 1:00pm

  • Performance Information

    • Duration: Approximately 90 mins, no interval

    • Venue: David Li Sound Gallery

    • Age suitability: All ages

  • Venue Details

    David Li Sound Gallery:
    The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts,
    48 Exhibition Walk, Clayton 3800

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