Parking options near Monash University Performing Arts Centre venues include daytime metered parking and free parking after hours, including weekends/public holidays.

From 8.30am to 4.00pm, most on-campus parking is permit-only, with specific areas of casual metered parking available. From 4.00pm, most parking areas are free and unrestricted. Wherever you choose to park, make sure you follow the signs to avoid a fine. For more details, visit the Monash University Parking webpage. Please note metered parking at Monash University is now cashless. There are two ways to pay.

The CellOPark App

Download the app and create an account with your registration and payment information. Once you have parked, select your location and follow the prompts to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ parking.


Once you have parked, enter your car registration number at a parking meter, select a time window and use your card to make payment.

For more information on visitor parking, including downloading the payment app, visit the University’s visitor parking webpage.

Accessible Parking

All Monash University campuses have convenient parking spaces for people with reduced mobility. Different options are available depending on the type of permit you hold. Visit the University’s accessible parking webpage for more information.

Monash Peninsula Campus Venue

The best parking option when visiting the George Jenkins Theatre is the N1 parking area to the north of the theatre. This parking area is metered during the day on weekdays and free to the public at all other times.

*Monash University does not observe all public holidays

Monash Clayton Campus Venues

Weekday Daytime Parking:
The best parking options for our Clayton campus venues are SE1 and SE3 metered parking.

Weeknight, Weekends and Public Holiday Parking*:
The best parking options for Robert Blackwood Hall are the SE1 and SE3 parking areas. These areas are metered during the day on weekdays and free at all other times.

The best parking options for The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts are S2 underground parking and S1 parking area. Please note, these parking areas are reserved for permit parking only during the day on weekdays. They are only free and available for public parking outside of these times.