December 2-4, 2018

Convened by the Drug Discovery Biology theme

Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Monash University, Parkville Campus.

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About the Conference

BPS-MPGPCR 2018 will see the 10th iteration of the MPGPCR meeting. Key presentations from leading international researchers will showcase new molecular insights, the latest tools and technologies that are changing our understanding of GPCR function, and translation of basic research into the clinic.

The meeting provides a relaxed interface between students, postdoctoral fellows, academic and industrial scientists from around the globe, encouraging interaction, collaboration and debate on the latest research. This is a focused and intimate meeting, emphasising novel concepts in GPCR pharmacology and drug discovery encompassing structural biology and biophysical studies, receptor pharmacology (ligand bias and allostery), chemical biology, cell signalling and systems biology.

Key deadlines

Abstract submission close: 16th October 2018

Registration close: 16th November 2018