Ian Bates

Professor Ian Bates holds the Chair of Pharmacy Education at the University College London School of Pharmacy as Head of Educational Development and is a Faculty Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is seconded to the National Health Service (NHS) in London, as academic lead across the university teaching hospitals and additionally as Professor of Integrated Care Education.

Ian is the Director of Education Development for the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), leading an international team appointed by FIP working in partnership with WHO and UNESCO, and additionally Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacy Education, an international peer-reviewed research journal hosted by FIP.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, and a Trustee for the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association.

He is a Programme Director for the Joint Programmes Board, providing foundation training and workplace education for practitioner development for NHS pharmacists; additionally, as a founder member of Competency Development and Evaluation Group (CoDEG), Ian provides advice on workplace education for many domestic and international institutions and agencies.  Ian is the Coordinator for the FIP-UNESCO Global UNITWIN Network for Education, a transnational network spanning universities and countries worldwide.

He is the independent Expert Advisor for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on educational matters and the nominated representative for Health Education England and the associated professional Advisory Board.  He was appointed a Fellow of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2013 in recognition of his global leadership in international education development, and additionally received the Lifetime Achievement Award from UKCPA.