Michelle Barker

Michelle BarkerMichelle Barker is Professor of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University. Her passion for communication skills development grew out of her professional social work practice with International students, immigrants, refugees and expatriates. In 2011, Michelle received an Australia (Endeavour) Award in recognition of her contribution to international education. She has achieved national recognition for her teaching, awarded the Australian Award for University Teaching (AAUT) 2005 Individual Teacher Award (Business and Law), and the 2003 Award for the EXCELL Intercultural Skills Program that she co-developed with Professor Anita Mak (University of Canberra). They co-led the ALTC project on “Internationalisation at Home: Enhancing Intercultural Capabilities of Business and Health Teachers, Students and Curricula” (2011- 2012) which involved the design, delivery, and evaluation of professional development courses aimed at improving intercultural communication in business and health settings.

Michelle and Dr Jasmina Fejzic (University of Queensland) have collaborated over several years at Griffith University and UQ to integrate generic communication skills development in Pharmacy Education. For over two decades, Michelle has published in SoTL, intercultural skills development, and intercultural management.