Sandra Carey

Sandra started her pharmacy career 27 years ago as a community pharmacist and continues to maintain practice licensure.

In her current role as Global President of McCann Pharmacy, Sandra brings leadership, vision and considerable expertise to the realm of professional pharmacy. Her invaluable guidance allows pharmacists across the globe to achieve excellence in a patient-centered approach to the delivery of healthcare.

Prior to joining McCann, Sandra practiced pharmacy in various roles. She held several  management positions for a large retail chain including: National Regulatory Affairs Manager, Professional Affairs, District Manager, Pharmacy Manager and community pharmacist.  Sandra has been a practitioner for most of her career working as a clinical pharmacist in a family practice setting running diabetes and pain management clinics, and consulting for insurers, private companies and government on pharmacy practice change.

Sandra has spent a great deal of her career teaching young adults about to start practice. She taught at the community college for pharmacy technicians after developing the program and as well taught toxicology at the university level for final year pharmacy students.

Throughout her career Sandra did many speaking engagements at numerous professional pharmacy meetings/conferences addressing an array of therapeutic and business related topics. Sandra has served as a key resource to pharmaceutical organizations on numerous matters of the business of pharmacy, regulatory landscape and pharmacy practice models involving pharmacists, technicians, assistants and front store staff.

She is considered a global key opinion leader in the evolution of pharmacy practice and pain management.