MIPS Seminar Program

All university staff (research and academic), alumni, all higher degree by research students and honours research students are invited to attend these Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences seminars.

The seminars are held fortnightly on Wednesdays 12-1pm at Monash University's Parkville campus, 381 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria (unless otherwise stipulated).

If you wish to be added to the seminar mailing list email asuntha.munasinghe@monash.edu

The 2017 MIPS seminar program is as follows:






22 FebruaryProfessor Mark Smyth
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland
Targeting adenosine in cancer immunotherapyLauren MayLecture Theatre 3 

8 March

Professor Melissa Little
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Kidney organoids in modelling development and diseaseColin PoutonLecture Theatre 3
22 March Associate Professor Jeff Holst
University of Sydney
Regulation of nutrient uptake controls cancer cell growth and metabolismErica Sloan Lecture Theatre 3
4 April Professor Jash Unadkat
University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Pursuing the holy grail of predicting tissue drug concentrations: A proteomics and PET imaging based approachJoe NicolazzoLecture Theatre 3
5 April Professor Patrick Sexton
Monash University
Towards a structural understanding of class B GPCR activation and signallingArthur ChristopoulosLecture Theatre 3
3 MayProfessor Nicolas Voelcker
Monash University
Leveraging materials and surface science for biomedical diagnostics and therapeuticsColin PoutonLecture Theatre 3
17 MayProfessor Phil Robinson
Children's Medical Research Institute, NSW
Harnessing Endocytosis for Human Therapy: Endocytosis modulators and SWATH Mass SpectrometryNik VeldhuisLecture Theatre 3
31 MayProfessor Darren Kelly
University of Melbourne
Molecules to Medicine: Translating Biomedical ResearchBernard FlynnLecture Theatre 3
14 JuneProfessor Ray Norton
Monash University
Autoimmune diseases and diabetes - animal venom peptides as a basis for novel therapeuticsMartin ScanlonLecture Theatre 3
21 June Professor Michael Waring
Newcastle University, UK
Discovery of TAGRISSO, a mutant selective irreversible EGFR inhibitorPaul StuppleLecture Theatre 3
28 JuneProfessor Ricky Johnstone
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
When the immune system and epigenetics meet – interesting observations that can be therapeutically exploitedPhil ThompsonLecture Theatre 3
12 July Professor Des Richardson
Bosch Institute Department (Sydney)
Entrance into the clinics of novel agents that overcome P-glycoprotein resistance by taking advantage of tumour microenvironmental stressJoe NicolazzoLecture Theatre 3
26 July Associate Professor Martin Stone
Monash University
Differential Activation of Chemokine Receptors by Pro-inflammatory ChemokinesAlisa GlukhovaLecture Theatre 3
9 AugustDr Nick Huntington
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI)
Targeting NK cell checkpoints in cancer immunotherapyChris Langmead Lecture Theatre 3
23 AugustDr Sheena McGowan
Monash University
Targeting the Plasmodium M1 and M17 aminopeptidases as novel anti-malarial drug targetsPeter ScammellsLecture Theatre 3
6 September Professor Antoine van Oijen
University of Wollongong
Biology at the nanoscale, one molecule at a timeRay NortonLecture Theatre 3
20 SeptemberProfessor Cyndi Shannon Weickert
Neuroscience Research Australia and University of New South Wales
Neuroinflammation in SchizophreniaAdam WalkerLecture Theatre 3
4 OctoberProfessor Tom Davis
Monash University 
Progress in the Centre of Excellence (CBNS)Colin PoutonLecture Theatre 3
18 October Dr C Glenn Begley
10% of the time it works every timeJonathan BaellLecture Theatre 3
1 November Associate Professor Michelle McIntosh
Monash University
A decade of development: Inhaled oxytocinChris PorterLecture Theatre 3
15 NovemberProfessor Paul Donnelly
University of Melbourne
Metal complexes as potential therapeutics for Motor Neurone Disease and new ‘theranostics' for the diagnosis and treatment of cancersPeter ScammellsLecture Theatre 3