Monash researcher awarded NHMRC Award for Excellence

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ (MIPS) Dr Darren Creek has been awarded the prestigious NHMRC Award for Excellence.

Dr Creek has been presented the NHMRC prize for having the top ranked Career Development Fellowship Level II (Biomedical) for 2017. These fellowships provide support for Australia’s most outstanding early to mid-career health and medical researchers. Dr Creek’s fellowship addresses improvements for the treatment for malaria and other neglected tropical diseases such as sleeping sickness.

Dr Creek is Director of the Metabolomics Node of the Monash Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility and leads the parasite metabolism group at MIPS.

Dr Creek’s research focuses on metabolomics. Metabolomics is the use of emerging technology to detect and study metabolites. Metabolites can be thought of as the chemical fingerprints of cells. The study of these small molecules can provide insight into the way cells respond to drugs.

Dr Creek’s work with metabolomics focuses on the use of drugs to tackle malaria infections. His research investigates parasitic resistance to existing malarial medications through the use of metabolomics technology and also aims to facilitate the discovery of new drugs not just for malaria but also for other tropical diseases.

Dr Creek completed his PhD with Monash University in 2007. He then went on to complete post-doctoral research in Scotland and Uganda. His post-doctoral research included clinical trials and malaria drug discovery. This piqued his interest in metabolomics as a new technology to study drug action, leading him into this area of research.

Dr Creek has pioneered the discovery of new metabolic pathways and drug mechanisms in parasites. His laboratory at MIPS currently studies mechanisms of drug action and resistance for infectious diseases.

“Dr Creek’s NHMRC award is an outstanding achievement, representing the significance of his work on metabolomics and malaria drug discovery.,” MIPS Director Professor Chris Porter said.

“We congratulate Dr Creek on the recognition of his Fellowship and look forward to his continued success.”

Contact: Divya Krishnan

Phone: 0466910111