Monash researcher awarded prestigious Georgina Sweet Award

Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS) researcher Doctor Cornelia Landersdorfer has been awarded the 2018 Georgina Sweet Award for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science.

Doctor Landersdorfer is one of three recipients for the award. The Georgina Sweet Award recognises and supports female researchers who demonstrate excellence in Quantitative Biomedical Science. The award includes a prize of $25,000 to support their scientific research.

Doctor Landersdorfer is a Senior Lecturer here at the Faculty. Her research focuses on combating superbugs by rationally optimising the use of available antibiotics to save patients’ lives and preserve antibiotic activity for the future.

“It is such a great honour to receive this award and have my research vision and the work of my team recognised by a group of my peers and leaders in Biomedical Science,” said Doctor Landersdorfer.

“This award assists me in my goal to contribute to the sustained suppression of antimicrobial resistance by developing optimised individualised antibiotic combination therapies for treatment of severe infections.”

Doctor Landersdorfer was part of the awards ceremony hosted at the Bio21 Institute earlier today, with a keynote address from Australian Research Council (ARC) Executive General Manager Ms Leanne Harvey. The awards are attended by leading scientists in the field and previous recipients.

The Georgina Sweet Award has been created by Professor Leann Tilley as part of her Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship. Professor Tilley is sponsoring the award as part of her commitment to improving gender equality in science professions.

The Laureate and Award honour the late Doctor Georgina Sweet, Australia’s first Doctor of Science in 1904. The Laureate, created by the ARC, recognises Doctor Sweet’s contribution to both science and the effort to reduce gender inequality in the sciences.

“Doctor Landersdorfer’s award is demonstrative of her commitment and dedication to her profession. This is outstanding recognition of the significance of her research on superbugs and antimicrobial resistance,” Centre for Medicine Use and Safety Director Carl Kirkpatrick said.

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