MIPS and Thermo Fisher announce ‘GPCR Cryo-EM and Drug Design’ collaboration

A new collaboration between MIPS researcher Professor Patrick Sexton’s team and the leading biological cryo-EM biotechnology product development company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, will bring cryo-electron microscopy of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) closer to industry scientists.

Cryo-EM is opening unprecedented opportunity for structure-based drug discovery on GPCRs, the largest family of cell surface receptors that are the largest drug target family in the human genome.


“GPCR Cryo-EM and Drug Design” offers industry partners access to field-leading expertise across the full range of cryo-EM of GPCR competence from sample production, specimen preparation and screening, data collection and 3D reconstruction.

Professor Sexton’s team are among the world’s leading GPCR researchers. An NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow and foundation leader of the MIPS Drug Discovery Biology theme, Professor Sexton’s work on GPCRs, and most recently GPCR structures, has been extremely influential leading to numerous awards and recognition as a Clarivate Analytics Highly-Cited Researcher.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific is a major innovator in the evolution and application of cryo-EM. We are excited to be working with them to establish cryo-EM as a key, routine, tool for GPCR drug discovery and development pipelines”

More information about the scope of the collaboration and how industry can benefit from the combined expertise of Professor Sexton’s team and Thermo Fisher can be found on the Thermo Fisher website.

Contact: Divya Krishnan


Email: divya.krishnan@monash.edu