Technology based on Monash research licensed by PureTech Health to Boehringer Ingelheim

Collaboration will use technology licensed to PureTech Health to develop Boehringer Ingelheim’s novel immuno-oncology product candidates

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (“MIPS”) today announced that technology it recently licensed to PureTech Health plc (LSE: PRTC) (“PureTech Health”), has become the subject of a research collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim.

The collaboration will develop novel product candidates for an undisclosed number of targets, and will employ the proprietary lymphatic targeting platform that PureTech Health licensed from Monash and is now developing through its internal R&D division.

The lymphatic targeting technology is based on the research of Professor Chris Porter and Dr Natalie Trevaskis and their team at MIPS. The approach harnesses the gut’s lipid transport mechanisms to enable oral administration and transport of drug candidates directly through the gut-draining lymphatic vasculature, also bypassing first pass metabolism in the liver. More specifically, the therapeutic candidates are directed to the mesenteric lymph nodes, which program as many as 70 percent of circulating adaptive immune cells. By targeting the lymphatic system directly, the technology has the potential to achieve more effective and precise immunomodulation of local tissues, while sparing the patient from the risks of extensive systemic exposure to the drug.

“We are delighted to see the lymphatic targeting technology progressing and are very encouraged by the initiation of this collaboration between PureTech Health and Boehringer Ingelheim. We continue to work closely with PureTech Health to develop the technology and look forward to further exemplifying this exciting approach,” Professor Porter said.

Under terms of the agreement, PureTech Health will receive up to $26 million, including upfront payments, research support, and preclinical milestones, and is eligible to receive more than $200 million in development and sales milestones, in addition to royalties on product sales. MIPS will receive a revenue stream from PureTech Health via the terms of the MIPS-PureTech Health licensing agreement. The collaboration will initially focus on applying PureTech’s lymphatic targeting technology to an immuno-oncology product candidate designated by Boehringer Ingelheim.

“This collaboration signals the exciting potential of another proprietary platform from our internal R&D to enable novel immunotherapy approaches by harnessing the lymphatic system’s capacity for immune cell trafficking and immunomodulation,” said Daphne Zohar, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PureTech Health. “We look forward to working with the excellent scientific teams at Boehringer Ingelheim to advance this important program, which has the potential to greatly expand therapeutic options for patients with cancer. We’re pleased to continue our collaboration with Dr Porter and his team at MIPS as we advance this technology platform from laboratory to the clinic.”

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