Intern pharmacist receives CMUS Best Research Poster Award

Intern pharmacist receives CMUS Best Research Poster Award

Austin Health intern pharmacist Airley Broomfield has won the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) Best Research Poster Award at the Monash University Pharmacy Intern Foundation Program (IFP) Research Night.

The IFP is a great opportunity for interns to undertake research in a supportive environment and there were many excellent research projects showcased on the night. Airley’s research explored the accuracy of adverse drug reaction (ADR) documentation in electronic medical records (EMR).

ITP award

EMRs enable recording of ADR information in a structured manner, and reduce the need for repeated documentation upon each new episode of care. However, there is a risk that inaccurate ADR documentation in the EMR can endure and contribute to inappropriate prescribing decisions.

Airley identified deficiencies in ADR documentation in 50% of cases. In 30%, the nature of the reaction was not described, and in 43% the severity was not recorded. In 34% of cases the ADR was incorrectly classified as an allergy when it was more likely to have been an intolerance – an error that can have a negative impact on prescribing and patient outcomes. The research highlighted a need to improve processes for documentation and review of ADRs within EMRs.

Airley undertook her project under the supervision of Ms Gina McLachlan, Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist, and Dr Rohan Elliott, Senior Aged Care and Research Pharmacist at Austin Health and CMUS Adjunct Associate Professor.

Contact: Divya Krishnan