Pharmacy interns celebrate record poster night

1 December 2021

A capstone event for pharmacy interns, this year’s IFP Poster Night in November featured the Intern Foundation Program’s largest-ever cohort presenting their research to their peers.

The IFP is an innovative program for intern pharmacists designed to recognise, support and enhance workplace learning. It adds skills for interns as they graduate from the integrated Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy degree and aims to strengthen their inquiry skills at an early stage of their career.

Poster Night is a celebration of their research, with interns presenting their research in 3-minute lightning talks to small groups of ten. Unit coordinator Eugene Ong was impressed with the work on display.

“It was fantastic to see all the intern posters on display,” said Ong “and to listen to their lightning talks. It was a testament to all the hard work the interns had put in over the year.”

The 183 intern projects are the end result of the IFP team’s tireless work supporting the interns in their research journey, guiding and providing feedback on project ideas and study design.

A screenshot of posters presented at the IFP Poster Night

Intern projects displayed as digital posters during IFP Poster Night.

“All this could not have been done without the contributions of our Monash University Clinical Educators,” added Ong, “who also provided valuable feedback to the interns on their projects. We hope this experience leads to many early career pharmacists further contributing to research within the pharmacy realm.”

Like many events in 2021, this year’s poster night had to be run online for the first time. It involved a huge effort from Ong’s team and the preceptors supporting the interns, to collate and mount the night.

A range of research topics across hospital and community pharmacy were covered in the intern presentations, including the proper use of antibiotics, the impact of electronic health records and reporting on medication errors.

The night’s winning presentation was from Aisling McEvoy, who was honoured to accept her award. "It was a privilege to present my research to my peers and supervisors at the Monash Intern Foundation Program Poster Night”, said McEvoy. “It was clear all 2021 pharmacy interns worked incredibly hard on their posters, and it was a great learning experience to hear about their chosen topics.”

She also appreciated the opportunity to speak about a topic she’s passionate about, and to have research shown at such an early stage of her career. “I'm very grateful to the IFP team for supporting pharmacy research, and to Alfred Health for their assistance in my poster. I look forward to hopefully publishing the findings."