Monash University to partner with Helping Hand in new NHMRC funded medication regimen simplification trial

30 August 2016

Researchers from Monash’s University’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) are partnering with South Australian aged care provider Helping Hand to conduct a new cluster randomised controlled trial of pharmacist-led medication regimen simplification.

The research is being led by Associate Professor Simon Bell and is funded through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre.

A review of Australian and international research published by CMUS has demonstrated that up to 74% of residents of aged care facilities take nine or more medicines on a regular basis.

The intervention will involve pharmacists working with residents and other health professionals to deliver a structured approach to consolidate medication regimens.

Associate Professor Bell said “consolidating medication regimens has potential to provide a win-win. Complex regimens represent a burden to both residents and aged care providers.”

Helping Hand Director of Research and Development Megan Corlis said “This research is unique in that it builds on the plethora of previous evidence to provide an integrated approach to making real change for older people living in residential aged care facilities and better utilising the time of qualified staff. It has the potential to be ground breaking.

Associate Professor Bell leads an expanding team of PhD and postdoctoral researchers within CMUS who investigate the quality use of medicines in older people. CMUS host the Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN) meeting on October 28.