Professor Arthur Christopoulos recognised by British Pharmacological Society

December 2016Professor Arthur Christopoulos

MIPS’ Professor Arthur Christopoulos has been honoured with the British Pharmacological Society’s prestigious Gaddum Memorial Award.

This biennial award commemorates Sir John Gaddum’s important contributions in the field of pharmacology, most significantly being the discovery of the neuropeptide Substance P. He was also a founding member of the British Pharmacological Society and the first editor of the British Journal of Pharmacology.

Professor Christopoulos, of MIPS’ Drug Discovery Biology theme, was awarded the Gaddum Memorial Award in December in recognition of his work on biased agonism in G-protein Coupled Receptors. Professor Christopoulos’ research focuses on how drugs can be designed to ‘bias’ signalling to reduce side-effects, which could ultimately lead to the creation of more targeted drugs with fewer side effects for a range of different conditions.