Faculty celebrates 25 years as part of Monash University

August 2017

Monash Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences today celebrated the 25th anniversary of the amalgamation between Monash University and the faculty’s predecessor institution, the Victorian College of Pharmacy.

Professor Bill Charman, Professor Colin Chapman and Professor Margret Gardner AODean Bill Charman and President and Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner both spoke at the event, which recalled the widespread series of amalgamations across the Australian higher education sector during the Dawkins reforms of the early 1990s.

Professor Charman took the opportunity to acknowledge personnel from the College who had been instrumental in the merger. These included John Ware, who led the negotiations and continues to serve on the Faculty Foundation Board, and Professor Charman’s predecessors as Dean, Professor Geoff Vaughan, Professor Tom Watson and Professor Colin Chapman.

Professor Chapman was also in attendance at the event.

Professor Charman thanked the wider University for its continued support, and used the occasion of the 25th anniversary to focus on the next 25 years.

“Those of us who work in these institutions are here for a limited time. Our job is to do what we can, in the best way we can, to set up opportunities for future generations," he said.

Professor Gardner characterised the last 25 years as the period in which the faculty’s impact grew from being felt on a national scale to being felt on a global one.

She noted that the faculty is the highest ranked faculty of any discipline and of any university in Australia, and ranks second in the world in the QS World University Rankings, behind only Harvard.

She also noted that highest number of HiCis in a single discipline of any Australian university.

Professor Gardner finished by paying tribute to the leading role that the Faculty has played in building the University’s international profile.

More about the faculty’s merger with Monash, and its success in the years since, can be found in the Winter 2017 edition of Alchemy.

Pictured L-R: Professor Bill Charman, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Colin Chapman, past Dean of the Victorian College of Pharmacy and Professor Margaret Gardner AO, President and Vice-Chancellor of Monash University.