Faculty success in major Commonwealth grant programs

The Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has been awarded nearly $20 million dollars in research funding in the recent rounds of grants announced by the National Health and Medical Research Council (“NHMRC”) and the Australian Research Council (“ARC”).

Most significant of these in dollar terms is a NHMRC program grant of nearly $10M to co-Lead Investigators Patrick Sexton and Arthur Christopoulos entitled “Translating membrane proteins into therapeutics; from bedside to bench”.  

Also noteworthy is the large NHMRC project grant ($1.8M) awarded to Professor Arthur Christopoulos, Dr Lauren May and colleagues on the adenosine A1 receptor and the Faculty’s role in the $25M NHMRC Partnership Centre in Cognitive Decline, headquartered at University of Sydney. CMUS’ Professor Simon Bell will co-lead the medication management theme alongside the University of Sydney’s Professor Sarah Hilmer. The theme has been awarded $2,372,403, of which $1,008,778 goes to Monash.


ARC Future Fellowships

John Quinn:  New materials for manipulating intracellular communication, $911,340

Karen Gregory: Exploring metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 bias, allostery and heteromers, $788,487

NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

Darren Creek: Enhancing anti-parasitic drug discovery with metabolomics, $476,728

Angus Johnston: Improving Drug Delivery Using Nanotechnology. $476,728

ARC DECRA Fellowships

Nghia Truong:  Scalable synthesis of smart nanoworms with tailored properties, $367,446

Laura Edgington-Mitchell: Novel Chemical Tools to Study Cathepsin X Activation, $365,058

Alisa Glukhova: Structural insights into adenosine receptors, $365,058

NHMRC Project Grants - MIPS led grants

Arthur Christopoulos, Lauren May, Wendy Imlach, Stephen Hill, Danoriel Scott: Adenosine A1 receptor modulation: Structure, dynamics & novel pharmacological interventions, $1,788,960

David Thal, Paul Gooley, Ron Dror: Molecular determinants of drug binding and selectivity at muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, $816, 866

Erica Sloan, Bernhard Riedel, Olga Martin, Federic Hollande: Volatile Anaesthesia and Cancer Recurrence, $647,514

Jonathan Baell, Trevor Kilpatrick, Michele Binder, Lucy Vivash, Uwe Ackermann: Novel Radioligands for PET imaging and phenotyping of multiple sclerosis diagnosis, $817,828

Katie Leach, Karen Gregory, Arthur Conigrave, Ben Capuano: Towards the rational design of calcium sensing receptor allosteric modulators for the treatment of osteoporosis and calcium handling disorders, $741,390

Lauren May, Paul White; Andrew Kompa: Adenosine Receptor Context-Specific Biased Agonism to Treat Ischaemic Heart Disease, $1,007,638

NHMRC Project Grants - Monash but not MIPS led

Martin Stone; Richard Payne; Marc Rothenberg; Meritxell Canals; Matthew Wilce: Discovery and Characterisation of Tick Evasins - Inhibitors of Chemokine-mediated Inflammation, $654,847

Martin Stone, Meritxell Canals, Rob Lane, Ralf Schittenhelm: Mechanisms of Ligand-Selective Signalling by Chemokine Receptors, $749,428

Andrew Ellisdon, Hans Elmlund, Michelle Halls: Structural characterisation of the co-inhibitory complex formed by the tumour suppressor PTEN and the metastatic factor PREX2, $555,821

Justin Hamilton, Philip Thompson, Harshal Nandurkar, Robert Andrews, Warwick Nesbitt: Targeting a novel anti-platelet mechanism for improved anti-thrombotic therapy, $985,938

NHMRC Project Grants- Non Monash Led

Joel Mackay..Ben Capuano, How do BET bromodomain proteins regulate gene expression? $578,690 (U Syd)

Ross Bathgate…David Chalmers, Resolving and targeting the complex molecular mechanisms underlying GPCR signalling, $1,071,370 (Florey)

Joshua McCarrol…John Quinn, The use of genesilencing nanodrugs to inhibit lung cancer growth, $452,950 (UNSW)

Jon Oakhill…Jonathan Baell, Targeted development of AMPK β2-isoform allosteric activators, $898,147 (St Vincents

Fazel Shabanpoor…Joseph Nicolazzo, Blood-brain barrier penetrating antisense therapy for spinal muscular trophy, $635,005 (Florey)

Paul Reynolds…Nicolas Voelcker, Engineered cell and exosome therapy for pulmonary vascular disease, $826,913 (U Adelaide)

Richard Payne…Susan Charman, Novel TB drug candidates via the inhibition of Lipid I Biosynthesis, $780,743 (U Syd)

Michael Lawrence…Raymond Norton, Conologues: Ultrafast-acting therapeutic insulins based on cone snail venom insulin principles, $1,082,866 (WEHI)

ARC Discovery Grants - MIPS led

Colin Pouton, Sebastien Perrier: Fine control of nucleic acid transport using cyclic peptide nanotubes, $501,024

ARC Discovery Grants- Monash but not MIPS led

Bayden Wood…Darren Creek, Probing antimicrobial drug resistance by multimodal molecular analysis, $649,632

Anna Roujeinikova…Ray Norton, Laws of attraction and repulsion: a novel family of bacterial chemosensors, $429,536

ARC Discovery Grants – Non Monash Led

Georgina Such…Angus Johnston: Engineering the trafficking of nanoparticles within cells, $438,161 (UoM)

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities – Non Monash Led

Frank Caruso, Thomas Davis, Stephen Kent, Chris Porter, Angus Johnston, Greg Qiao, Patrick Sexton, Edmund Crampin, Benjamin Boyd, Francesca Cavalieri, Philip Hodgkin: Nano-bioscience imaging facility, $639,369 (UoM).