MIPS researchers receive nearly $3M from ARC Future Fellowships scheme

L-R: Dr Nicholas Veldhuis, Dr Roey Elnathan, Associate Professor Darren Creek

L-R: Dr Nicholas Veldhuis, Dr Roey Elnathan, Associate Professor Darren Creek

Three outstanding mid-career researchers and new ARC Future Fellows, Associate Professor Darren Creek, Dr Nicholas Veldhuis and Dr Roey Elnathan have received close to $3M in funding to advance research projects addressing a range of medical needs.

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) researchers have been selected by the Australian Government to join the next generation of researchers under the ARC Future Fellowships scheme, including funding support for the next four years to pursue innovative research across the drug discovery pipeline.

Future Fellowships support excellent mid-career researchers to undertake high quality research in areas of national and international benefit.

Director of MIPS, Professor Chris Porter, said that the success of the three MIPS researchers is a reflection of their dedication, perseverance and innovative approach to their work.

“The ARC Future Fellowships scheme recognises and supports some of the country’s most promising mid-career researchers and this year’s selection from MIPS is no exception. On behalf of the Institute I extend a warm congratulations to Dr Veldhuis, Dr Elnathan and Associate Professor Creek for their well-deserved success,” said Professor Porter.

The 2022 MIPS Future Fellows projects include:

Associate Professor Darren Creek - Discovery of new metabolic functions of Plasmodium parasites.


Dr Nicholas Veldhuis - Understanding and controlling neuropeptide GPCR-transducer coupling.


Dr Roey Elnathan - Engineering nanoscale tools for cellular interrogation.


For full details of the 2022 ARC Future Fellowship funding outcomes, please visit the ARC website.