Our faculty, your future

"We've got an environment that ferments; the ideas continually keep coming through. And it's a cycle that just gets its own momentum. We have the best people, the best facilities and we provide the best environment.

It's creative, it's nurturing, it's supportive, and we like to challenge ourselves. It is about aligning the collective efforts of an amazing group of people; having fun along the way. It's about having an international impact. We're uniquely the right size. If we want to make something happen, we do. We're very nimble, we're very responsive, we're very focused, and the teamwork is the key.

Medicines can do wonderful things, however if medicines aren't used properly there's all sorts of adverse effects. Who is best positioned to have an impact with regard to medicines being better used? A pharmacist. We're not doing enough of that yet. So what we're wanting to do in the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, and hence the name there being the key, is to work in a multidiscipilinary environment with the medical community and other health providers so that the patients themselves can better understand the better use of medicines. A doctor is not in charge of a patient's health, the patient is. So we've got to take on a different role in the better and effective use of medicines, and to get patients to realise it's their health, they're in charge of it, and they need to be proactive.

The tag line for the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is ‘Better Medicines By Design'. We have the people, we have the infrastructure, we have the appetite, and with that skill set we're able to undertake new approaches in terms of drug discovery. We do things in partnership, we've got key relationships with major pharmaceutical companies around the world, as well as local biotech and pharmaceutical companies here in Australia. We've got some very exciting initiatives ahead in terms of infectious disease, cancer, metabolic disease and neuroscience. Eight new medicines for major diseases are now into clinical trial; so this is about impact.

Now, education too often can become a transaction. You pay some fees, you get some courses, you get a degree. That is the antithesis of what we do here. Education for us is about a whole program in terms of an undergraduate degree, higher degrees, or subsequent postgraduate coursework degrees, so that there's a learning experience for a professional person's whole life. What we want to do is to make sure that the graduates that come from our program have got a chance to go out and have their own individual, supported impact in terms of the profession. We've got the coolest set of technologies that are integrated with the best curriculum that's custom-designed for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science that is totally delivered on this one campus. There is no program in the country that has that offering."

Professor Bill Charman,

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Monash University