The employee

Sally Sim

Sally Sim, BPharmSci (Hons), class of 2009

Monash has been a big part of my career progression. I specialised in formulation science. I chose a career in industry through my research at Monash University, where I received an industry placement as a student with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

My honours project was designed as a collaboration between the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) and GSK to optimise drug delivery by targeting both formulation and device designs.

In achieving this, various dry powder inhalers were tested and powder fluidisation and their impact on dose delivery were examined. Powder formulations were also modified to improve understanding of the effects of each formulation on the performance of these devices. All this contributed to important research that could potentially save lives.

I continued my work as a research assistant/analytical chemist for MIPS, in collaboration with GSK, for the Department of Drug Delivery, Disposition and Dynamics Centre of Innovation and Industrialisation. I then worked at GSK as a project validation officer.

I was so inspired by the work, facilities and research undertaken by Monash that I took the opportunity to be employed as a scientist with MIPS. My current position is as a research officer/lab manager with the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC).

As a Monash pharmaceutical science graduate, I certainly benefited from the faculty’s industry collaborations on real business projects. The MMIC was established this year as a partnership between MIPS and the Victorian Government. My role involves managing the new MMIC research laboratory in Parkville and working with a variety of business customers looking to export from Victoria.