The reunion attendees

Geoffrey Oscar AM, PhC, class of 1954

Reunions provide a great social benefit for us. They’re an opportunity for us to get together to enjoy our stories and reminisce about what we’ve done. Beverley Gorr (one of the 30 women enrolled in my year) has been organising most of the reunions since graduation. We’ve had very good times in our career and had guests travelling from as far as Canberra and regional Victoria, who said they wouldn’t have missed it. The faculty helped by offering the venue on campus for our Class of 1954 reunion.

The reunion was held at Cossar Hall, which hosts the magnificent Sissons Mural, symbolising the long, historic journey of pharmacy, and we feel a part of that ongoing legacy. Pharmacy gave us our Pharmacy College and gave us our career – it’s appropriate that we started at 360 Swanston Street with ATS Sissons as Dean, and then many years later have our reunion in front of the Sissons Mural in the amazing world-class campus at Parkville.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is built on a foundation of collective building blocks from where we came from. Although we didn’t go through the Parkville campus, we like to regard ourselves as being part of it anyway because we’re pharmacists; we studied pharmacy, and this is now the home of pharmacy in Victoria.

Our profession has changed and I think we herald the finish of an era. Our textbooks related to the art of pharmacy. We were exposed to all sorts of chemicals and formulations, where Latin terms and extemporaneous dispensing were the norm. We saw how the introduction of new pharmaceuticals, such as the birth control pill, pretty much revolutionised society.

Reunions help us feel connected to what is happening with the faculty, and we are impressed that it is No.2 in the 2017 QS World Rankings by Subject. Pharmacy has moved on from being an art to a specialised science. At our reunion on the campus, you only have to walk around the faculty to exactly understand how things have advanced, with all the new technology and research.

Geoff Oscar served as President of the PSV, the Victorian College of Pharmacy, and was the first President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Geoff married his classmate Enid and owned a pharmacy for 27 years. He had a successful career in state and local government, since serving on numerous state and community-based boards and committees.

Reunions help us feel connected to what is happening with the faculty, and we are impressed that it is No.2 in the 2017 QS World Rankings by Subject.

Kavita Nadan, BPharm, class of 2007

The 10-year reunion is truly a milestone for us. I hadn’t really engaged with the University prior to the reunion, apart from our intern intake, but it’s something I’m happy to consider. Reunions are an exciting time; we were like a family when we studied together.

We still keep in contact with each other on social media, but the reunion is a good way to see what everyone is up to, how they’ve progressed and what they’ve decided to do with their lives, besides their career.

I’m part of the Advantage Pharmacy Group and I’m a partner in a store in Endeavour Hills. I have a good work/life balance since maternity leave, working four days a week. I’ve been here since I graduated and gradually progressed since through the group, and eventually bought into it.

We have a strong internship intake from Monash – my Monash intern from last year is now working for us. Most of our students come from Monash. The faculty was a great help with email invites and getting the ball rolling for the reunion. Other alumni, John Ly and Linda Kervorkian, mainly organised it all, and I helped a little also.

It was pretty cool to have one of our former lecturers there just to hear about how the faculty has progressed and changed. It’s also interesting to catch up with the lecturers as a non-student, to get some insights into what they thought of our year level. We were all like a close-knit family. For example, my pharmacist in charge at work, Mark, is also from the class of 2007. The reunion was a great way of getting updates about Monash and a fun catch-up with all the others.

Kavita Nadan is part-owner of Chemist Discount Centre, Endeavour Hills.