The Senior Pharmacists’ Network member

Val Constable, PhC, class of 1954

Val Constable

As a graduate of the Victorian College of Pharmacy, I feel we benefited since its merger with Monash University 25 years ago. Monash has been so welcoming and inclusive where we have been invited to all sorts of alumni events as friends and supporters of the faculty.

We have a dedicated website for Senior Pharmacists' Network alumni events to see what’s coming up. We were invited to the 3MT Three Minute Thesis competition, where we saw students explain their varied and wonderful research in just three minutes! We enjoy these events.

I was the first female President of the Victorian Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society. Today I’m very much involved with the Pharmacists' Support Service (PSS).

Volunteer pharmacists take calls from pharmacists, interns and students who are in distress for any reason, including those feeling stress during the transition from intern to pharmacist. We provide a listening ear, support and counselling in a nonjudgmental, anonymous and empathetic way. There are some great online resources, links and useful coping tools on the PSS website. It’s a great service but needs more financial support.

Pharmacy has changed over the years and all the different cultures involved have added to it. My husband, Bob, was also a pharmacist. We worked together at our pharmacy in Pascoe Vale for 36 years and employed many trainees who came from all parts of the world.

Pharmacy has changed over the years and all the different cultures involved have added to it.

We also partnered with a Vietnamese speaking former trainee to open a pharmacy in Footscray. The diversity of students accessing the faculty today adds to the broader pharmacy family.

I don’t think many alumni are aware of the benefits – I am happy being part of Monash and its support with organising our Senior Pharmacists’ Network. I really appreciate how inclusive the University has been to us from the former college – I think it has been amazing

Val Constable is a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society, an opportunity shop volunteer and sometime navigator for her daughter, who is a wildlife rescuer and transporter.