Monash University Malaysia’s School of Pharmacy celebrates 10 years

In May 2019, Monash University Malaysia marked the 10th anniversary of Monash Pharmacy Education in Malaysia.

The Pharmacy School celebrated a decade of the success by hosting a series of workshops and symposia aimed at improving pharmacy education.

The events brought together pharmacy instructors and academic managers from Australia, the United States, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition to a medication review workshop and a symposium on advances and challenges in pharmacy education, two days was devoted to the first ever MyDispense Asia symposium.

MyDispense was developed by Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science in 2010 and has gone on to have a significant impact on teaching. The software is currently in use in over 70 institutions around the world.

It offers students a safe environment that simulates an actual community pharmacy.

Professor Carl Kirkpatrick (centre) and outgoing-Dean Professor Bill Charman (far right) participate in a panel discussion

Users have the opportunity to develop professional skills by practising and repeating the virtual dispensing exercises.

As part of the Asia symposium, Monash University Lecturer Vivienne Mak demonstrated how to introduce MyDispense into a curriculum and the group was the first in the region to see the latest release of the software. Chinese University of Hong Kong Lecturer Celeste Ewig and Monash University Malaysia Lecturer Saw Pui San tailored their presentations to the adaptability of MyDispense and how users can customise versions that are relevant to their country’s healthcare system and pharmacy practice.

The group dynamic proved to be a huge success with participants saying the teams worked effectively together and the outcomes from the forum included plans to continue adapting the software to support pharmacy practice in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Keith Sewell leads the MyDispense workshop