Basu Charkrabarty

Basu Chakrabarty

Research Associate, University of Bristol - Bristol, United Kingdom

Now undertaking research to better understand bladder disease at the School of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience at the University of Bristol, Basu is triple Monash graduate, with a BPharmSci, a PharmSci(Hons) and a PhD all from Monash Parkville.

Basu completed his PhD in the Drug Discovery Biology theme, where he learnt to undertake basic science research with a constant clinical perspective, collaborating with a multi-disciplined team.

Basu is working on a collaborative project in association with the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. His focus is on understanding peripheral and central control of bladder function, and the changes that occur with bladder dysfunction. He is also investigating the effects of clinical drugs and novel compounds using various experimental methods and models of bladder disease.

During his PhD, Basu presented at conferences, worked as a teaching associate, and was actively engaged in extracurricular activities, all of which enhanced his professional development.