PharmAlliance celebrates third birthday

PharmAlliance celebrates third birthday

PharmAlliance, the partnership between the Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and two of the world’s most highly regarded pharmacy schools, is now in its fourth year.

According to Dean Bill Charman, by bringing together the expertise and resources found at Parkville,   University College London and the Eschelman School of Pharmacy at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the institutions have been able to achieve progress that may have otherwise not been possible.

“The partnership has amplified our impact across all of the areas in which we work,” Professor Charman said.

“This is most clearly seen in research, where close to 30 papers have been published by collaborators from at least two of the three institutions since the partnership’s inception. We’ve also been able to attract significant funding in areas including fragment-based drug design.

“It’s also bearing fruit across our educational programs, and enabling us to enhance the experience of students outside the classroom,” he said.

Dean Charman cites education exchange and resource sharing, an International Pharmacy Practice Summit, staff and student exchanges, networking and knowledge exchange as among the outcomes that Monash couldn’t have achieved on its own.

One area for potential future development involves investigating whether the alliance can play a role in monitoring and evaluating the WHO Patient Safety Challenge, which aims to address unsafe medication practices and errors.

The alliance members have also identified antimicrobial resistance as an important global health challenge that will be an area of future focus.

Longtime friends of faculty fund new education fellowship

The educational research capacity of the faculty is set to receive a substantial boost thanks to an extremely generous endowment from longtime friends of the faculty, John and Nariel Ware.

The eponymous Ware Fellowship will support a two-year postdoctoral position investigating best-practice curriculum development and teaching practices with a broader commitment to leadership in these areas.

This strategy reflects the Wares’ own national and international professional journeys, as well as their aspirations for the faculty’s future.

Designed with a focus on workforce development, the Ware Fellow’s research will address how best to integrate the enduring responsibilities of a pharmacist with the emerging competencies needed to serve patients and communities now and in the future.

John Ware (OAM) graduated from the Victorian College of Pharmacy in 1950. He’s one of only a handful of Australians to have been awarded a Fellowship of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). John received the honour in recognition of his representation for the FIP to the regional office of the World Health Organisation for the Western Pacific region, and his role as president of the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum, the regional body representing FIP in the Asia-Pacific region.

John also sits on the Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences foundation board.

“The Ware Fellowship is a significant investment in the future of both the faculty and the Australian pharmacy profession,” said Dean Bill Charman. “This gift is the culmination of many years of generosity on the part of John and Nariel, who have been persuasive cheerleaders, wise advisors and stalwart supporters. On behalf of the faculty, I cannot thank them enough. Australian pharmacy and the communities it serves will be stronger for their contribution.”