Course director update: BPharm (Hons)/MPharm

News from our #pharmacistsintraining

As we conclude the second year of the Vertical Integrated Masters (VIM) course, I’m pleased to share that our team has sustained its energy and enthusiasm for teaching pharmacy students to provide comprehensive services in a variety of healthcare settings.

We’ve taken some important steps, expanding our team to include a Deputy Course Director (Dan Malone) and a Manager of Student Experiential Placements (Simon Furletti). These critical enhancements reflect the integrated, intercultural and interprofessional nature of the course, and the extensive role of experiential placements in providing opportunities for deliberate practice and feedback.

We’ve also benefited greatly from the contributions of many talented local practitioners who have helped us to build and teach with a unifying framework, demonstrating how pharmacists add value in the care process. We call this the Monash Model of Care (see graphic). We encourage pharmacist practitioners with a passion for extending this model into our third year to join our team as teaching associates. We’re always looking for talented teachers!

We started this course because we wanted to make healthcare better. This means our graduates must not only be practice-ready but also team-ready.

To teach our students how to collaborate with others, this year we’ve incorporated two full-scale interprofessional education activities based on the Monash Collaborative Care Curriculum Framework. The first of these had pharmacy students collaborating with medical students to help a patient avoid potential hospitalisation for an attack of ‘thunderstorm asthma’. The second had pharmacy students learning about, from and with nursing students to help a patient thrive after a heart attack.

Response to these activities has been overwhelmingly positive from students in each of the professions.

There’s always something exciting happening in the VIM!