Excellence in Pharmacy Practice Research project

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation is seeking your support for this important project, which sets new standards in identifying safer and more effective ways to dispense medicines.

Safe medicine use is everyone's concern


Everyone relies on medicines at some point, but their improper use can have a major impact on the health of individuals and the financial health of the nation.

We established the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety to identify, research, implement and evaluate new models and systems to ensure medicines are used safely and effectively in hospitals, aged care facilities and the general community.

The centre will seek funding to:

  • educate people about the effects of medicine misuse
  • redesign the use of some existing drugs to improve patient health
  • improve the design of clinical trials of new medicines, and redesign and optimise older drugs
  • test new models of community and hospital pharmacy practice
  • examine and improve prescription practices.

The impact of your gift

Your donation to this project will:

  • support medicine research in its early stages
  • allow expert academics to focus on specialist medicine use and safety research
  • support pre and postdoctoral researchers
  • support research into the risk factors behind the more than 140,000 unnecessary hospitalisations annually

How to donate

To discuss a donation to this or any other faculty project, please contact Chantelle Shaw, Alumni and Foundation Officer on +61 3 9903 9087, email: pharmacy.foundation@monash.edu.