Victor Muleya did a lot of research before he set his sights on Monash. Good thing we built that award winning swimming pool.

I came to Australia in 2011 specifically to study at Monash. I really wanted to study in Australia-for the location and because it's a great country. I did a lot of research and really wanted to come to Monash. I scouted for a potential supervisor and research project that correlated with my background. I did my honours degree in biochemistry in my home country, Zimbabwe, then my masters in biotechnology in South Africa. In my pursuit for a potential supervisor, I found Associate Professor Helen Irving, my current supervisor, who encouraged me to apply.

My research involves a class of proteins found mainly on the surface of cells. Although their existence and biological function are well known, we've recently discovered an additional function that has evaded the eyes of researchers. I'm investigating how these two functions are regulated, and how the newly discovered function helps cells interact with the external environment. This research has immense potential in designing novel therapeutic strategies, enabling us to find drugs that target this particular class of proteins and deliver the desired effect inside cells.

Committing to a PhD is an enormous investment-in time and financial commitment. But it's a valuable investment for my career. Monash is globally renowned and enjoys an excellent reputation in academia and industry. I believe having a Monash qualification on my CV will boost my career opportunities.

I admire the professionalism at Monash-from the time I applied, to being a student today. It wasn't difficult for me to settle into campus life. Much to my delight, I now confidently call Monash my academic home and feel well supervised and supported. I enjoy living in Melbourne. It has some the friendliest people I have ever met. It's also very cosmopolitan, so it's easy for me to feel at home.

Most of my hobbies involve playing in the water-swimming and scuba diving are favourite pastimes. I'm fortunate that Monash has the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool, which has platinum status-I spend a lot of my spare time there. I've been diving on the Great Barrier Reef-it's one of the most magical places on earth. Australia is a wonderful country.

On a personal level, I'm a very spiritual person. I'd like to think that science and spirituality are horses of the same stable. And it takes an understanding of both branches of knowledge to link them harmoniously.

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