Pharmaceutical Sciences Virtual Careers Fair

Careers Fair 2020

The Monash Pharmaceutical Sciences Virtual Careers Fair will be live between Monday 1 June and Sunday 7 June 2020. You are invited to meet virtually with industry, researchers, recruiters, and alumni! This is your chance to build your future career.

We have invited industry partners and alumni to this event, and we thank them very much for their time.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to network and discover the range of careers waiting for you. Be inspired by industry representatives, alumni, research mentors, and PhD students!


This event is entirely online so you can access it from anywhere at any time. There are live webinars that you can attend and plenty of resources that you can access at your own pace. You will be able to:

  • attend live panel discussions with our industry partners in pharmaceutical industry, research, cosmetics food and more;
  • engage in live chat sessions with organisation representatives;
  • watch videos of representatives from industry and research describing their expectations of graduates;
  • watch videos of our alumni discussing their experiences transitioning between the undergraduate and postgraduate student life, and into the professional space;
  • access company and research websites that will help you to discover the full range of career possibilities;
  • access graduate position descriptions to learn more about the skill sets sought and valued in different workplaces;
  • boost or build your network.

This event will give you a unique opportunity to connect with alumni, research and industry partners – providing you with the information and links you’ll need to take the next step. Simply visit a virtual booth between 4pm and 5pm Monday 1 June till Thursday 4 June to chat with organisation representatives.

This provides a fantastic opportunity to ask your questions about workplace roles, responsibilities and activities, the recruitment process and expectations of a prospective applicant. With this valuable insight, you will have a deeper understanding of what is expected in the workplace, and can better prepare during your remaining undergraduate years to enhance your chances of starting a successful career.

Students will need to register to access the Monash Pharmaceutical Sciences Virtual Careers Fair. Once registered, students will receive an email which provides a log in link and further details.

Register here




Careers Fair OpensMonday 1 June9AMVirtual FairCheck out the virtual booths of attending organisations in the Exhibit Hall. If you’re not sure where to start, or want some tips for engaging with participating organisations, visit the Boost Your Employability booth.
Live ChatMonday 1 June until Thursday 4 June4PM-5PMNetworkingEngage in one on one conversations with employers, recruiters, researchers and alumni.
Webinar: Careers Fair WelcomeMonday 1 June1PM-2PMAuditoriumJoin the Careers Fair team for an introduction to the week, information on how a virtual careers fair works, and best ways of engaging with employers, recruiters, alumni and researchers.
Webinar: Food and NutritionTuesday 2 June12PM-1PMAuditoriumHow much do you think about what goes into your body? Come hear from a diverse range of experts in these fields as they tell you about how they go about creating those brands. Whether you're a health junkie or or not, come listen to what our experts have to say.
Webinar: Life of a ResearcherWednesday 3 June1PM-2PMAuditoriumHave you ever wanted to be on the cutting edge of science? Have you wanted to delve into the depths of scientific and medical research? We're bundled a group of career researchers from outside the university to come together and tell their stories. Our hypothesis is that if you attend this panel then we can conclude that you will be more informed about your future!
Webinar: PharmaceuticsThursday 4 June1PM-2PMAuditoriumMedicines; everyone takes them at some time in their life. Big names, big brands, big budgets, dedicated professionals. Honestly, we probably don't even need to advertise this one to you. This is a panel that you will definitely want to attend!
Webinar: Introduction to MIPSThursday 4 June2PM-3PMAuditoriumHave you ever wondered what even happens behind all the closed doors in Building 3 and Building 4? What crazy scientific malarkey do they get up to in those rooms? They'll say; the best global research conducted by potential future Nobel Prize winners. We say; come find out for yourself, especially if you're considering an honours or PhD!
Webinar: CosmeticsFriday 5 June2PM-3PMAuditoriumHow big is cosmetics in Australia? How does $8B sound? You won't have to travel to Korea or France for your skincare, we bring the professionals to you. Listen to the challenges and opportunities in the cosmetics sector
Careers Fair ConcludesSunday 7 June 11:59PMVirtual FairAlthough the live features have concluded, students can still register/log in to view all provided information, including documents, videos and recorded webinars until September 2020.