Professional placements

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science students enrol in a four-week professional placement program as part of their third-year studies.

Experience in industry is crucial in developing the professional skills of our students. Students are partnered with a range of organisations and spend one month learning about the functions in the science industry and working on professional development capabilities. Students are challenged to put their knowledge and skills to the test.

The Professional Placement Program runs in September of each year. The projects, which are proposed by you, the industry partner, cover a range of areas including undertaking small projects or shadowing technicians in a laboratory. This could mean either laboratory-heavy or office-weighted work.

To maximise the cultural and technical fit between students and companies (and therefore optimise the chances of employment), interviews are arranged in May. These can be conducted on site, at Monash University or through video conferencing. We can also arrange for group interviews where needed.  Allocations are made based on interview outcomes and student performance.

For industry partners

The Professional Placement Program is a compulsory unit part of our students’ curriculum. Many of our partners have offered jobs to students as a result of this program. The program offers a great opportunity for your organisation to get a better understanding of a student’s skills, knowledge and fit for your company.

The faculty is very grateful for the continued support from our industry partners. If you are interested in offering one or more places, you can contact Dr Laurence Orlando.