Improve Stem Cell Therapy using Radiolabelled Quantum Dots

Stem cell therapy is a fast growing field that is moving towards clinical trials in a range of applications, in particular for neurological diseases. However, the fate of the stem cells after stem cell transplantation is often unknown, resulting in the development of innovative tracers that can monitor and track the distribution and cell viability noninvasively over time.

In this project you will work in collaboration with Monash Biomedical Imaging and CSIRO on the development of a novel nanotech stem cell tracker that combines graphene-based quantum dots with radiometals using state-of-the-art click chemistry.

You can expect to learn about click chemistry, how to modify graphene quantum dots with radiotracers and polymers, cell culturing, performing in vitro labelling studies and imaging cells using confocal microscopy and a PET scanner.