Instructor impact on cognitive, behavioural and emotional engagement during class - drug discovery biology

Student engagement during class is a major determinant of student learning and student outcomes. During classes, students vary in the level to which they think about an activity, how they feel about the activity and how meaningfully they participate in the activity. As Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences educators increasingly move to active classrooms, where students are asked to engage with a range of activities, we have preliminary evidence that variable student engagement occurs. This variability appears to depend upon the design and implementation of the teaching activity, and on the interpersonal relationships between the students and the teacher.

This project will involve a controlled investigation of these factors that determine student engagement during classes, using 3 methods used in parallel to measure engagement. Student will self-report their level of engagement using a survey designed within the faculty, heart rate will be determined using heart rate monitors worn in class, and external observation will measure behavioural engagement. Individual interventions to be evaluated include the use of games, different types of clicker question, and reflective tasks, and instructor approach.