Pharmacy student skill development for preparedness for practice

This honours project would suit a graduate in pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, or a similar degree who is interested in a career as an academic in a teaching or research focussed role, or in a government position as a researcher or policy maker. This project will examine whether the first year of the new Monash Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy curriculum is improving student skills required to provide health information to other healthcare professionals or consumers, which is one of the four key streams of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Professional Practice Standards on professional roles and activities of pharmacists (launched on July 28, 2017).

This will be done by assessing student competence and self-reported confidence in skills that are important in providing health information, such as oral communication, empathy and teamwork. The way in which this research will be conducted is through analysis of collated student data from situational judgement scenarios that assess skills such as the empathy, teamwork and integrity of pharmacy students, as well as performance in examinations (in particular Objective Structured Clinical Examinations or OSCEs), and through the conducting of focus groups.