Drug discovery: from cancer to neglected diseases in less privileged societies

Our group has a diverse array of projects on offer, from the targeted drug delivery of anticancer agents, to the development of epigenetic modifiers for treatment of lymphomas and leukemias, to the discovery of drugs for neglected diseases, diabetes, to novel antimalarials, novel treatments of tuberculosis, and finally, novel antibiotics aimed to debilitate "superbugs". This array of projects is made possible through high level collaborations across multiple Universities and Medical Research Institutes both nationally and internationally that have been established over the last 5 years in the Baell lab at MIPS. These medicinal chemistry-centric projects can be tailored to both Honours level and PhD level research and are designed to have highly publishable and outcomes.

In summary, our laboratories are new and very well-equipped, and all projects are designed to not only have sub-projects suitable for Honours projects, but set up with biological collaborators to allow for highly publishable outcomes. Some projects have significantly more focus on molecular modelling, or drug delivery, than medicinal chemistry, as suits the particular student.