Fragment-based drug design

Although a relatively newcomer to drug development, FBDD has now produced well over 30 drug candidates in clinical trials. In our lab at the Monash Fragment Platform we use FBDD against important cancer, antiviral and antibacterial targets. FBDD is a target-based approach that uses biophysical screening methodologies and rational drug design. Students undertaking projects in our lab will gain valuable experience in one or more of the following techniques: medicinal chemistry, protein NMR, surface plasmon resonance (SPR), X-ray crystallography and isothermal calorimetry. The breadth of experience gained from FBDD projects provides a strong foundation for a PhD or employment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our projects typically involve collaborations with academic and industrial partners in Australia or overseas. Students will be encouraged to participate fully in the drug design process; to contribute their own ideas to the project, participate in meetings and make contacts that will enhance their academic studies and career prospects.