How you'll learn

You’ve probably seen movies or TV shows about university lectures where a teacher stands up the front of the class and lectures, or even reads the lesson off slides.

That’s not our style.

Our faculty is at the forefront of a revolution in university teaching. We emphasise what’s known as ‘active learning’ over the traditional ‘didactic’ lecture. Before you come to class, you will watch lectures online or do assigned reading to familiarise yourself with key concepts. Then when you’re in class, you apply that knowledge through group-work, asking questions and testing your understanding.

We call it a flipped classroom. The active learning that takes place within it emphasises critical thinking and analysis. We ask you to uncover knowledge and then fit it into your understanding and apply it.

Study after study suggests it’s a far more efficient way of learning, improving engagement as well as retention of information and even attendance.

Learning spaces

You’ll be studying at the university’s Parkville campus just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. The campus has recently undergone a $75 million transformation and accommodates advanced learning spaces.

High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratory

The state-of-the-art analytical chemistry facility gives our Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science graduates a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Similar to HPLC facilities used by industry professionals, our lab supports sensitive analytical techniques for separating and quantifying complex samples, such as plasma.

Find out more at the HPLC page