What you'll learn

What you’ll learn

As an undergraduate student studying pharmaceutical science at Monash, you can choose from three specialisations after two years of study:

  • Formulation science - the study of how to design drug delivery systems of new pharmaceutical products, and how to formulate chemicals for industries such as food, agriculture and cosmetics.
  • Medicinal chemistry - the study of how drugs work, including the principles and techniques of chemistry required to discover and develop compounds that prevent, treat and cure disease.
  • Drug discovery biology - the study (including discovery and understanding) of biological drug targets and their modulation.

Within the course, you’ll cover three main areas:

  • Foundation science studies - covering bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry and physiology (which will underpin further studies in your chosen specialisation). In this part of your studies, you’ll also be introduced to to scientific communication, practice and research methodology.
  • Pharmaceutical science - covering the practical and theoretical skills and knowledge of your specialisation in the field of pharmaceutical science.
  • An applied project - this will take the form of a major research project if your chosen specialisation is medicinal chemistry or drug discovery biology, and an industry placement if you’ve chosen formulation science.

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