10 reasons to study abroad

by Nicholas Sourlos

Selfie at the holi festival
  1. Independance
    You're away from home and free to do whatever you want. You'll also have plenty of time to explore the country as you only need to take compulsory classes.
  2. Gastronomical delights
    Malaysian food is a true adventure, combining Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisine. You won't find anything like it elsewhere!
  3. New languages
    There's something satisfying about ordering a meal from someone who does not share the same first language. Tip: Learn the use of 'lah' in casual conversation.
  4. Multicultural housing
    Living in a share house with students from all over the world makes you more open-minded. Learn customs and slangs you'll never pick up in a lecture hall.
  5. Weekend travel
    Air Asia has some incredible deals. Make use of your long weekends and holidays to explore other countries in Asia.
  6. International social network
    Make local friends you can visit again. Plus you never know when a connection could turn into a golden work opportunity.
  7. Confidence boost
    Moving to a foreign country can be nerve racking. But when you return home you'll feel as if you've conquered the world.
  8. Education
    Seeing how tertiary education operates in a different environment broadens your scope. You might even find it more suited to yourself.
  9. Self discovery
    Having to make some quick decisions without help from friends and family will test your values. In the process you'll to get to know yourself a lot better!
  10. Unforgettable memories
    You'll be surprised by the number of times you'll start sentences off with 'When I was on exchange…' The memories you make will remain lifelong.